Thankful September


After a long time, I am able to write this post on time.  Without further delay, let me be grateful for all the special moments in my life.

  • As it was my daughter’s birthday, I had my chance to do some DIY stuff based on the theme. I am glad that  I could make the crafts in that short period. My girl was very excited about her D Day, and the party went on as per the plan.



  • My girl still had issues about going to the new school. There were days when she used to cry and miss us at her school. But this birthday was kind of a savior to us. We had a birthday celebration at her school too and she was very happy with the response and affection she got from her classmates. After the birthday, things are much better.


  • Now she got adjusted to her daily schedule. I can see lots of changes in her after the fifth birthday. She has become more independent now and is eating food by herself. She started to read slowly and is making sure she reads the bedtime story by herself.


  •  Usually, the weather in September would be colder, but this time we are very lucky to have summer-like weather in this month. We were able to spend our evenings out in the play area with the kids. we moms enjoyed the long walks during my kiddo’s cycle rides along with her friends.  My girl also made new friends in the play area and enjoys their company.


  • Finally, the money plant which was given to me by the local library survived as I can see a new leaf on it. Hoping that the other money plants too will show some sign of growth soon.
  • We playdate moms got a chance to attend a Dandiya night one weekend. This was more special because there were no kids this time. We had some great time dancing and burned a  lot of calories ;).
  • As I had a lot of free time during the day, I tried my hand once again on the canvas painting. I wanted to do a Ganesh Ji painting since a long time and finally, I could one. Though its design is Pinterest inspired I am glad I could do justice to it.



  • The festival season has started this month with Bathukamma and Dussehra. I am glad that I could follow the traditions and teach my kid about these festivals. We made all the playdate kids do the pooja of their cycles. They were all dressed up nicely and enjoyed doing the pooja. I was able to take my kid to the annual Bathukamma festival in our city, she had a lot of fun dancing to the Bathukamma songs along with her other friends. We have ended this month by visiting our local temple on Dussehra.



Linking this post to VidyaSury’s Gratitude Circle.



8 thoughts on “Thankful September

  1. My daughter is five too and I also noticed a difference when she turned five. there was some backsliding in behaviors and she said that she wanted to be babied, but she SAID she wanted to be babied instead of acting like a baby and hoping that we would catch up. Happy birthday to your daughter and many more.

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