Thankful August 


This August was very special to us in many ways. It is time for me to be thankful for all those special moments in our life.

  • This month my Sister in Law and her daughter came over here for a vacation.  It was nice to meet her after three long years. More than me, my daughter was excited about their visit, as she was meeting her cousin who is almost of her age. The kids had a lot of fun time together.
  • We all went on a weekend getaway to Chicago. Even though we visited this place many times, we have not done its sightseeing. So this time we made a visit to the important attractions in that place. I am grateful that the kids were very supportive during this trip.

  • I am thankful that I was able to spend my summer with my kid and my niece. There was a  lot of silly and special moments during their stay.

  • This month we had two festivals to celebrate. One was Rakhi and another one was Ganesh Chaturthi. This year Rakhi was very special to us especially to my husband as his sister was there with us. We all celebrated these festivals with some amazing food, sweets, and photos.


  • We also ended our PlayDates this month by giving the kids some reward prizes.  The kids did a good job during our summer play dates so it was time to give them back something they like. I am grateful to all the moms and the little ones who were so interested in arranging different activities for the kids during all these play dates. We also celebrated rakhi with the little kids. It is important for the kids to know about our traditions.

  • We went on a  5 day trip to Disney world Florida. This was on my list since a long time. It was more like a fairy tale scene everywhere. The kids had a lot of fun meeting their favorite Disney characters.  I was surprised to see kids enjoying the thrills rides and there were rides in which they wanted to go once more.

  • My little one is not little anymore. She started her kindergarten this month. It’s a huge milestone for all of us.  She is still taking her time to adjust to the new school, new friends, new timings.

  • In the last week, we had mini cousins get together in Chicago. It was my cousins baby shower in Indian style. It was nice meeting all my cousins after a long time. I am thankful to all them for taking out time from their busy schedule and followed all the traditional rituals for the baby shower.

  • My SIL left to London in the last week. As my little one started going to kindergarten, I got some time for myself.  I was totally exhausted with all the trips and stuff. I needed a break. I was able to take my much-needed break from everything before planning for my kids birthday next month.


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