Thankful June

This month I was very busy with my vacation and I  was not able to write my gratitude post for the month of June in time So without any further delay, here is my post on what I am thankful for in the last month.

  •  I am thankful for my little patio garden which is blooming. Our tomato plant has got flowers finally this month, so I am eagerly waiting for the yummy tomatoes. We love to spend our evenings sitting on the patio and enjoy the nature. I am happy that my little one also has an interest in the garden.

  •  This month we were able to take the little one to various local outings. It is a pleasure to see her enjoy the little things in life. Looks like she is growing up fast as she always wants to try the big rides when we go out to the fair.

She was on this ride😳


  • Most of the Play Dates went on as per schedule. We were able to introduce new concepts to our kids in a fun way. We are glad that they love it and wait for play date activity each day.

  •  My little one had no interest in Bollywood songs before. Now she started liking a few songs and keeps humming them all day. I am happy that these days she is also dancing when I play her favorite songs.


  • This month-end we went on a vacation to the west coast. I got a chance to see nature’s beautiful canyons. I am thankful to the travel bloggers whose blog post on antelope canyons was very helpful to us. This is one of the musts to visit the place on earth.

  • I got a chance to visit casino too in this vacation. Had a nice time playing the game there. I thank my friend for taking out time and taking me there though it was a late night.

What are you grateful for this June? Let me know in the comments section.

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