Thankful May

It’s been six months since  I started writing my Gratitude Journal and this journey of appreciation has taught me more about the life and the little joy which come along with it. So let me be grateful for all the things which made my May memorable.

  • This month I got the opportunity to visit my daughter’s school on Mother’s Day. These little ones sang songs for us and we spent some time doing some fun activities in the school. I had a bit of emotional moment during her school trip as she would be moving from her first preschool to another school next academic year.

  • This Mother’s Day, we the play date moms wanted to do something memorable for us. Though most of the activities which we planned for Mother’s Day week did not go as per plan, we had cake cutting and photo session. I again got a chance to play with my DSLR and was able to capture few beautiful shots of mom n me photographs both outdoor and indoor.Though most of them were in auto mode as I was playing safe, few I tried using manual mode. I am thankful to my friends for giving me the opportunity to create memories for them.
  • The first half of the month was unpredictable, it was neither spring nor summer. There were days when it became suddenly cold and we end up wearing our caps and jacket. Now it’s peak summer and sometimes it is unbearable. We are able to go out only in the late evenings. But then compared to our winters, summers are much better. We atleast get some chance to spend our time outdoors.
  • My daughter’s summer vacation has started this month. So there are a lot of Mom n me moments going on at home. Now I have stress-free mornings and relaxed days. Our days are filled with lots of activities and lesser screen time. As I missed the chance to enroll her in summer school, I am trying my best to keep her busy during the day.
  • I am lucky to find girlfriends who are more like a family to us. This happiness doubles when the kids are best friends too. Our play dates are going on as per the plan. We have become more specific about the activities to be conducted. Though it’s just for two hours in a day, the kids eagerly wait for the play date and its activities. My daughter named our play dates as Pretend School. The play dates include an activity a day, some writing, story session. It looks nice when kids come to our pretend school in their school bags.

  • We got some time to take our daughter to some outings like Fair and Circus. More than her I was very excited about these outings as I was recollecting my childhood memories.

  • Looks like someone is growing up fast. The other day my daughter complimented on my cooking. So this was really a huge achievement for a non-cook like me. 

Let me know what are you grateful for this month? If you haven’t started maintaining a  gratitude journal, it’s not late start one now.

6 thoughts on “Thankful May

  1. I am grateful that the pool is open. And I start an exciting work project tomorrow. And I am traveling soon to see my sister.

    It sounds like you are having a lovely summer.

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