Planting PlayDate

As the weather last month was in spring – summer transition , we moms thought of introducing planting to the kids for our PlayDate. Last year too we did a Planting PlayDate Β  for the little ones using spring onions.

We wanted to arrange this play date outside the apartment in the lawn as the weather was good. We started by telling them what plants need to grow, i.e. The sun, water , soil and air. A friend of mine explained this concept to them on an easel.

Later we read a book called A Seed in Need Β byΒ Sam Godwin.This book is about the plant cycle.It has a cute conversation between the ladybug and the snail about how the plant grows, dies and how its seeds are planted to grow the following year.

After the story session, we gave the kids small pots and filled it with some potting soil. We gave them some fenugreek seeds to sow in the soil. The kids were curious about the seeds and how it would grow into tiny plants. They watered the pot and took it to their home.

This was the result after Β two weeks, the kids were very happy to see their plants growing from the seed.

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