Spring break Play dates.

Last month my little one had her yearly spring break. I was little worried about how to keep her entertained during that period. The weather was in Winter- Spring transition and it was not that great to take her out to the play area. So I and my friends came up with some planned activities for the kids during the spring break except the weekends.


We planned for a show and tell activity for the kids on the first day of our play date. This was planned few days in advanced so that the kids can prepare on their favorite topic. It was my little ones first show n tell, so more than her I was a bit nervous about it. But I must say, she did an awesome job. This was followed by passing the ball game and few general questions.

Tuesday- Day 2:

For the second day, we asked the kids to get one of their favorite storybook for the play date. We all sat together and read all the favorite books of the kids. This is the nice way to know more about the books from kids themselves. We ended up reading

  • Plant the tiny seed;
  • Elmer;
  • I love you, Mom;
  • Amazing animals


On the third day, we wanted to try out something different and interesting. So we made a crossword on a cardboard with kids names. The kids had to search for their name in it. The kids liked this concept of searching their names. Later we had some general questions round about their school and family. This was followed by freeze game. We played songs and the kids had to dance. Once the song stops the kids have to freeze. Initially, they couldn’t freeze on time but later they followed the instructions.

Thursday Day4:-

On day 4 it was raining heavily since morning. Kids did not want to stay at their respective homes. They all wanted to go for PlayDate. My little one was saying ” mom let’s go, let’s take umbrella & go” 😂. We waited till 12 o clock but still, it was raining. One of the PlayDate mom had a car and she offered us to pickup.So all the moms and kids came in her car. The activity we planned for this day was phonic sounds. The kids had to write the alphabets on the easel and should make the corresponding sound. Later we moms played the blindfold game with kids .

Friday Day5:-

  • The last play date was at my house. I promised the kids that I will host a Puppet show. So I choosed a puppet show based on a children’s book  I’ll wait Mr Panda.  The kids enjoyed the puppet show session and later I asked questions regarding the story in the puppet show.  This was followed by a general questions round.

I m glad that I got such a nice mommy friends who like to keep the busy and happy. This  spring break is one of the most memorable  holidays for both mom & kids.

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