I’ll wait Mr. Panda Puppet show 

I love hosting  Puppet show’s during my kid’s Play dates at home. This spring break too I came up with a puppet show for kids based on a children’s book ‘I’ll wait Mr. Panda’ written by Steve Anthony. As I already had a DIY Puppet Theater at home, I just had to gather all the required props for the show. But as my panda was much bigger than that of my Puppet theater, I had to come up with a basic puppet theater with a bigger screen size.

Know more about the I’ll wait Mr. Panda book and how I came up with this super easy DIY Puppet Theater for the kids in my debut article on Mycity4kids website.

Have fun 😊

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11 thoughts on “I’ll wait Mr. Panda Puppet show 

  1. Shilpa, we got each of our children hand puppets when they were small and they loved them. I’m not sure if they still have them or if I kept them tucked away or not. It’s fun to remember about simpler times. Have fun with your young ones. They grow up too fast! Please come by for Art Sketching Through the Alphabet with Curious as a Cathy when you have a sec! Have a good day & happy a2zjing!

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