When Spring Comes🌱

As spring is almost here, I wanted a book related to the spring season for my little one. During my visit to the local library, I found a book titled ‘When Spring Comes’ written by Kevin Henkes. We borrowed and read this book on an unusually sunny winter afternoon. It neatly describes the changes that take place when spring arrives with bright and colorful illustrations throughout the whole book. As we were experiencing these changes currently, it was a treat for both of us to read and correlate to this book.

So after reading the book that afternoon, we made this cherry blossom craft using paints, crayons and cotton buds.

I drew the outline of the tree trunk on a paper. We used a pink color for the cherry blossoms and added a bit of white paint to bring out different shades of pink.She dipped the cotton bud into the paint and dabbed it onto the paper to make the cherry blossoms.

For the grass, we used a fork to paint, but the result was not as expected.

For the next craft, we used the recycled products like the cardboard from the cookware set, empty  pistachio shells and straws.

  • Cut the white paper to the size of the cardboard.
  • Color the paper blue with color pencil and glue it to the cardboard.
  • Paint the pistachio shells with water paints.
  • Cut the straws into small pieces.

  • Cut open the straws and use a glue gun to stick it on the cardboard.
  • Place the pistachio shells to form a flower using a glue gun.
  • Draw the branches and leaves with markers.

30 thoughts on “When Spring Comes🌱

  1. Looks like a lovely book. Surely checking it out sometime. And I love the activities you’ve shared, especially the cherry blossoms. πŸ™‚

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  2. What a great idea, want to try this very soon as its such a great way of creating conversation about seasons and looms great fun but simple to do. Thank you!

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