During our recent visit to the library, I found this book named Seasons written by Xavier  Deneux.. It’s a simple interactive book introducing kids to the various seasons of the year. As usual, whichever is the latest book I get from the library, it will become that night’s bedtime book. As my daughter already has an idea about the seasons, I thought she would not have a great interest in the book. But I was wrong, she liked the book as it all about textures on each page describing the season for kids. She had fun during our reading session and at the same time learned about the how the weather is during each season. On the next day, we were supposed to go to a friend’s place but it got canceled. She was getting bored and wanted to do a craft. I got this idea of doing a craft based on the season’s book.

I took a cardboard (it was from a photo frame) and divided into four sections using a marker.

Each section represents the weather in a season.

We made the craft using colored construction papers.

  • Summer -> beach scene
  • Fall-> leaves changing colors & pumpkin
  • Winter -> snowman & Christmas
  • Spring -> flowers & rain

She had a lot of fun during the cut-paste session.  Most of them, she made it, whereas I did the difficult ones.

We made a pointer with the help of cardboard and attached it to the center of the craft using split pin.

Using push pins I fixed it to the wall. It is now a seasons storyboard for our home.

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