At first sight…

I had to be my best this Sunday
As he would be coming to see me on that day
Mind is full of questions
Filled with mixed emotions 

They finally arrived is what I was told
I was all set wearing saree and gold
I was made to sit in front of everyone
which was indeed a very tough one.

At the first sight
he smiled and I too smiled
Looking at each other
was nervous and shy.

we wanted to know about each other
before taking this relationship together
from where to start and what to talk
initially we both were hesitant to talk.

Later we spoke about many things
a little about life,likes and dislikes,
We both were clear and honest
which was the best thing we liked.

A green signal from us
made every one happy
It was celebration time
as our alliance got fixed.

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21 thoughts on “At first sight…

  1. It must be a little nerve wracking as well as sweet, to have this person slip into this important space in your life. To not be there one day, but to be there the next.

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  2. A good take on the first meeting in case of the arranged marriage fix up. It brought back my own memories and the funny part how elders allow the boy and the girl to meet for 10-15 minutes desiring that they both figure out their yeses in that brief period.

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