21 Random Facts about me โ€“ #FridayReflections

I am back after a very long break . Wanted to take a break for a short period ,but it went on and on. I was planning to come back for some time but as usual ,I was having the writer’s block . So when I saw this interesting prompt at Friday Reflectionsย ,ย I decided it’s the perfect time to come back to blogging .
1. I was Born and brought up in Hyderabad so we are of hybrid breed not pakka South Indian nor North Indian .

2. My Hindi will always have a mix of Urdu and my Telugu will have a Telangana slang .

3. The question which haunted me n my parents was /is -Parents are doctors and why the daughter is thin ? I guess there is no relation between the two , so stop asking me & my parents this question.

4 .How much ever I eat I don’t put on weight ,so as long as I am healthy and happy I am fine.

5. I like to try out different things for a change..( thoda hatke) like getting off a slowly moving auto ๐Ÿ˜….. ( school auto) ended up under the tire though๐Ÿ˜œ.

6. From childhood I love dancing ,I remember my first favorite song ” ek do teen ” from tezaab .My dad got those green curtains from hospital at home for me and I actually danced to that song imagining myself dancing on stage.

7 . The above dream came true when I was in first standard( I guess) at my cousins reception . The song was being played as background music and I was dancing on the stage carelessly. It seems there is a video of this scene but haven’t seen till date.

8. My relatives still tell me about that day ” oh shilpa you were not at all stopping .. blah blah ..” I m still proud of it and even now when I listen to that song my legs automatically start dancing ๐Ÿ˜ฌ.

9 My childhood was filled with playing all types of games from 5 stones to current shock , I was always outside and would come back only after one big shout from dad . Kids these day miss all these little fun.

10.My art and craft classes during school were really bad . ‘C’ GRADE is what I used to get every time . But now I just wonder most of my blog is filled with crafts.

11. Till date I’m scared of painting ,but imagine just got myself acrylic paints that too from india .Don’t know what I am going to do .

12. I am scared of the plastic lizard too yaar .. I don’t know who created that. It was hell for me during my childhood . My dad took a lot of advantage of that plastic lizard(s) and made his life easier and my life complicated when things had to work out his way.

13.I love traveling a lot ,but had very few and memorable travel adventures during childhood due to hectic schedules of my parents.

14.I still wish I had a chance to meet all my grandparents and spend time with them. just had a few memories of my granny when I was very small.

15. I wanted a bike during my graduation days and bought one . But never did I went to college on it.

16. I love organizing parties and get-togethers. I still miss the new year parties in India, which I used to organize every year.

17. My dream is to write ,story books for kids and it’s still pending.

18. I hate cooking .I just go cook something simple and come out . I can’t stay for a longer time in kitchen . According to me it’s a timewaste spending hours together in the kitchen.When it comes to cooking in a larger batch for others my hands start shivering.

19. I value relationships and trust people easily. Sometimes I feel people take advantage of this .

20. I hate people who try to find negative in every person. I am like ,Why are you searching negatives when you can see the bright side of the person clearly ? ๐Ÿค”

21. I believe that life is short , so enjoying and having quality life is very important to me.


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10 thoughts on “21 Random Facts about me โ€“ #FridayReflections

  1. Loved to know more about you, Shilpa. I too get scared of even plastic lizards. Fot that sake, I left the rubber crocodile back at South Africa which Mithu bought very lovingly. Welcome back to blogging. Really I missed you.

    Liked by 1 person

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