Tips for the elderly people traveling alone to US

Last week while we were returning from our India vacation we had our friend’s in -laws accompanying us. They were first time travelers and was scared as well as excited about their trip . This travel with them made me write this post about tips for the elderly people traveling all alone to US.
* Plan the trip well in advance . It’s better to book a non stop flight even if the cost is high as it is a hassle for them to catch connecting flight in other countries .

* Better to book during off peak season with convenient timings . It is difficult for the elderly people to travel late nights or early mornings .

* Book the food menu according to their preferences.

* Choose the right type of insurance package for them based on the health conditions .

* While booking tickets make sure you book seats with extra legroom which are near by to the lavatory . This will make their trips to the restroom easy in the flight.

* Book for special assistance for the elderly people like wheelchair etc.

* Better tag them with persons traveling in the same flight using websites like . 

* Make sure the health checkup is upto date with prescriptions and respective dosages written on it.

* While packing the checkin luggage pack a kg less in each suitcase in this way they need not shuffle the luggage from one suitcase to other in the airport if the luggage exceeds the allowed weight.

* As they need to carry the carry on luggage with them make sure to pack it light .

* Make sure they keep all their medicines , important documents and one set of clothing in their carry on luggage . 

* Make sure they make four sets of documents they are carrying which includes tickets , passports , insurance , prescriptions etc. one set to be left at home country ., second set placed in carry on luggage , third set in checkin luggage , fourth set mail it to the family at the arrival destination .

* Carry foreign currency especially coins for calling in case of emergency . Little cash for giving it to the porter & wheelchair assistants .

* During the day of travel wear comfortable clothes and shoes .

* Arrive at the airport much early before the check in time .

* Avail porter facility at the airport . He will guide them with their luggage till the check – in counter.

* Make sure they know the following :-

          โ€ข Complete address of the destination.

          โ€ข Phone number of the destination family.

          โ€ข Purpose of travel.

          โ€ข Duration of stay.

   โ€ข Once they are done with checkin they will be given a baggage claim receipt , they should keep this safe as it will be required at the destination during luggage collection .

* If they have old and new passports ask them to show both the passports at the immigration counter.

* While boarding they can take the pre boarding option where they get some extra time to get on the plane and get settled .

* Make sure they keep themselves hydrated throughout their flight .

* Once in a while they can take a walk in the flight this will relax their body muscles. 

* In case they need any assistance like filling up the customs form they can always take the help of flight attendants .

* During getting off the plane, they can wait for the other passengers to debark so attendants can assist them with carry-ons and escort them from the plane to the immigration counter .

* After the immigration and customs process they can collect their baggage with the help of baggage claim receipt , the wheeler chair assistant will help in finding the luggage.


10 thoughts on “Tips for the elderly people traveling alone to US

  1. An excellent list. I’m saving it for future reference. I am quite sure that by the time wifey and I make our first trip to the US, we’ll be counted among the elderly ๐Ÿ˜€

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