Lollipop Flowerpot 

 It’s Valentine week and here every school has this Valentine party to share gifts n goodies among themselves. My daughter too have the party this week and she had to give goodies to her classmates. As it was food related that too store bought items without nuts I choosed organic lollipops as it was safe n kids love them . So  I came up with this lollipop flowerpot craft for the little one’s party.

Supplies Needed :-

  • Flat lollipops
  • Double tape
  • Construction paper 
  • Heart shape cookie cutter ( optional )
  • Play dough 
  • Small disposable glasses
  • Empty card board 
  • Scissors 



  •  With the help of a heart shaped cookie cutter draw four hearts on the construction paper. I used my daughters toy to draw the heart shape.
  • Draw a small leaf on green color construction paper.
  •  Carefully cut them using scissors. Four hearts make one flower. 
  •  Carefully cut the extra cover around the lollipop in round shape. 
  •  Stick a double tape on one side of the lollipop and carefully place the hearts on it to form a flower. Make sure it sticks firmly to the tape.
  •  Stick the leaves to each lollipop stem using the double tape.
  •  If your kids loves cutting, involve them in the flower making process.
  • For the base I took a cardboard which I got when I bought a clock . 
  • I covered it with green construction paper using double tape.
  • Take thin strips of green construction paper and cut the first half of the paper in the form of grass and stick it to the cardboard.


  • Place each play dough into the disposable glass to form a pot.   I got these small play dough’s and disposable glasses from dollar tree . 
  • Insert two flower lollipops in each pot .
  • Place all the pots on the cardboard .


  •  She is super excited with lollipops and is eager to share it with her friends ❤️

17 thoughts on “Lollipop Flowerpot 

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