DIY Puppet Theater 

I got this cardboard when I bought my kid a table n chair . This cardboard was lying in my craft room for many days as i wanted to do something useful from it. Luckily as we arrange play dates every week along with some kids activities, i got this idea of making puppet theater  for kids. I was very happy with the output as it is now transformed from a waste cardboard to a cute puppet theater .


  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Scissors/xacto knife
  • Glue
  • Color paper
  • Stapler


  •  Take a cardboard of  approximate length  20 inches   and breadth 24 inches .
  • Draw a rectangle  on the upper half of the cardboard of approximate length    18 inches and breadth   12 inches . Cut the rectangle carefully with the help of xacto knife .
  • I had to take two thin strips of cardboard to support its two sides ( breadth) .
  • Paste the strips at the back of the cardboard ( breadth) as shown in pic 4
  •  After the above procedure the cardboard looks like this ( see below pic) the rectangle opening is the screen.
  •  I used a yellow color paper and a printed paper to decorate it.
  • Take   2 red printed papers and pleat the paper into folds about 1 n 1/2 cm wide.
  • Carefully glue these pleated paper on either side at the backside of the screen.
  •  Staple the pleated paper to form a curtain .

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