Five little froggies ..🐸

My daughter got these plastic jumping frogs as gift from her friends shloka n dhruv . She loves to make them jump here n there  .As its winter now and she is getting bored at home , I thought of involving her n frogs in this interactive rhyme  -“Five little froggies “.

So I gave her these five froggies , one cellphone and asked her to make them jump n at the same time sing the  rhyme  for us.

Initially she found it difficult to synchronize doing the acts of singing as well as make the froggies jump on the table , but soon she mastered at this  technique and started coordinating all the actions well.

  It was fun to see her slow down ,throw each  froggy down one by one and enact the roles of mom and the doctor.

Once she was done with the song she would say ONCE MORE n repeat the drama all over again.

During the whole scene I have observed  that this enhanced her eye hand n memory coordination.

17 thoughts on “Five little froggies ..🐸

  1. It must’ve been delightful to watch her, but Siblinggu, soon she’s going to grow up and start asking you why the heck you were making her make the frogs jump? I hope you’ve got a good answer ready!

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    • I know she is going to bang me up with questions in future ,.. I LL say even Anand mama made them jump in his childhood n now see him he is famous person, so to become successful n famous you should make them jumpπŸ˜‰πŸ˜€πŸ˜

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