DIY Kids Mail Box

My daughter loves to check our home mail box when ever I m out with her. She gets more excited when she sees some mail or parcel in it.  As it is winter n difficult to go out more often I wanted to give her this personalized mailbox  . This doubles up her joy as its her very own mail box with her name as well as she gets special surprises in it now n then.

Supplies needed:-

  •  Nature valley  granular bars box( big ) basically any rectangular carton box can be taken.
  • Nature valley granular  bar box( small) – any small carton box is fine.
  • Scissors
  • Push pin
  • Stapler 
  • Plastic wire
  • Elastic thread
  • Brown color paper bag 
  • Yellow color paper.


  • Take the big carton box , cut the flaps completely which are already opened.
  • In this way you will have a rectangle box with one end closed n other end fully opened . 


  • Now take the small carton box , n cut it  as shown in the below picture


  •  Attach both of them as shown in the below picture using stapler.
  • This is the opening of the mailbox.   
  •  Take a brown grocery bag and cover the whole box with it using glue.  


  • Make two small holes in front of the mail box n insert elastic thread  into it.
  • Form a loop of it by tying  both the ends at the back side.
  • Insert a push pin on top of the box such that this thread can form a loop over it.


  •   Take another piece of cardboard and cut it into the shape as shown below.


  • Attach this cardboard at one side of the mail box using a plastic wire.



  • Decorate the mail box as per your choice.


  • This mailbox is perfect for kids during Christmas time as we can mail them little surprises in it.  



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