Bunny story

The other day my daughter was asking me..

Mummy today what new game you are making me play..

I was like scratching my head to think of a new and interesting game for her.

After a lot of thinking based on her interest i planned her to involve with me for a role play..

She loved one book called “Please  Panda” which we bought it from library..its was all about manners  on how to ask others…

So I planned the role play based on that..

I made a simple bunny puppet with the help of tissue roll which had two holes in it to insert my fingers. I also made a simple basket with the same tissue roll and made two dummy carrots using construction paper.

Roles :-

I( mummy) has  the basket..

My daughter has the bunny puppet..she is pretending to be a bunny ..


Bunny:- hi mummy

Mummy:- hi bunny ..

Mummy :- do you like carrots bunny..?

Bunny:- yes the big one..

Mummy:- I am not giving you, I changed my mind.

Bunny:- mummy mummy mummy…

Mummy :- do you want carrots..

Bunny:- I want one..

Mummy:- go away, I changed my mind.

Bunny:- mummy mummy mummy…

Mummy :- do you want carrots..

Bunny :PLEASE can you give me carrots.

Mummy:- yes of course ,take one.

Bunny:- THANK YOU mommy

Mummy :- WELCOME dear,bye.

We both had fun playing our roles and I dint give her the carrots until she said please to me… We periodically exchanged our roles and she would dominate me whenever she had carrots.. It was fun to see her speaking in English and playing her part sportively.


The next day , it was my chance to host a play date for kids of her age, they were four of them. So me n one of the mother played this same story to them .

It was fun way of introducing them to some basic manners to say PLEASE,THANK YOU AND WELCOME .

Two of the kids enjoyed thoroughly ,laughing at the bunny. One guy was having fun playing with kitchen set, my daughter she was like again the same story uff…πŸ˜•

All Mummies– Oh these kids …πŸ˜‚

Ps:- sorry couldn’t take the pics of kids.

21 thoughts on “Bunny story

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  2. hmm, puppets is a good idea, haven’t tried that. in fact, i haven’t done much crafty stuff with the twins.. i think about it, but then i find it too daunting.. must get over my fear!

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