Pass the minion Game..

We all played pass the parcel game in our childhood right, ? So this year for my kid bday I thought of pass the minion game ..which was easy , simple and has a surprise inside for the kids . The surprise can be anything… As in our case this game was for the preschoolers I placed crayons boxes as the surprise for the kiddo..

Supplies Needed:-

  • Crayons boxes ( based on number of kids)
  • Thick empty box – I used nature valley granular bars box
  • Lot ofMagazine papers
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Color paper
  • Scissors
  • Sketches
  • Coin
  • Fevistick


  • Based on the gifts for this game, choose the box. My gifts were set of 10 crayon boxes , so for this I took a big nature valley box
  • Place all these in the box n seal it with a tape.
  • Take few magazine papers n roll this box forming layers.
  • Stick each layer with the help of tape.

  • After wrapping them with 5 to 6 layers , take yellow paper of its size n paste It all over the box with fevistick.
  • Now cut the blue color paper and cut it little less than half of the box length.
  • Make two semicircles on it in such a way that they appear in the front of the box.
  • Using White color paper n sketches make its eyes n stick it.
  • Take a black thin strip n place it around the eyes.
  • Using black color paper stick its hair.
  • Draw its mouth with a sketch.

  • Minion is ready for the game- pass the minion.😊

How to play:-

  • Make the kids sit in a circle, and play the music .
  • Ask them to pass the minion among themselves .
  • Once the music stops the person who has the minion has to remove one layer of paper.
  • Place the music again by passing the minion.
  • Repeat this process until all the layers are removed .
  • Open the box the give the surprise gift to the kids

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