Inviting Guest Posts – to inspire others..

Hi all

Being on H4 is not a easy one… It has its own side effects too …sitting at home doing nothing, no work permit, etc etc will add up to it. I am one of them too. To keep myself busy I started doing crafts …some were very silly too during that period as my aim was to be BUSY. Later on I started blogging n now I am happy writing articles and keep my self engaged with it.

 So This seasons topic for guest post is MY H4 life..

Share your life story during your H4 times, how was did you kept yourself motivated,what are the challenges you faced, how did you overcome them,how you spent your time effectiently etc etc. Share it with our readers to inspire them.

I am adding a guest post category to my blog to add these beautiful life stories to inspire others to live better.

mail me your  life stories to:

            with a subject line : Guest post :- My H4 life

Request you to write a few lines about yourself,

Sharing your photo is optional 


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