Tips on planning a kids birthday party..

Kids birthdays are fun filled with lots of smiles n happiness in the kids faces. But arranging it is a huge task. To make it perfect there should be lot of planning to do. So here are few tips on how to arrange a kid birthday party.

  • Start your planning at least two months prior the actual date. This way you can try out different options for the arrangement.
  • Plan your Budget for the D day, once this certain amount is allocated based on that all the other factors will be depending on.
  • Kids love their favorite characters as themes on their bday. If you plan for such type of party make sure you discuss with the kid n go according to their choice.
  • Plan the birthday Location based on your convenience , whether planning to do it at home, outdoors,parks,hotel,kids centre etc. make sure this is within the budget .
  • Plan the Time n duration of the party carefully keeping kids in mind. A short and an early evening birthday party is idle for kids of younger age
  • Make the list of Guests who are invited and make separate list of kids dividing them into groups based on age as this list will be helpful to arrange games
  • Make a detailed checklist of all the supplies required for the party and buy them ahead. Look out for various deals n clearances going on in the market.
  • If you plan to make some DIY projects for birthday like PiΓ±ata etc. do it well before the due date.
  • Buy the birthday outfit for the kid before hand, this will allow the kid to try out the outfit before hand
  • Order the Birthday cake based on the theme or of your kids choice.
  • Plan the Decoration based on the theme n make sure you have enough balloons for kids to enjoy.
  • Plan the Games for kids based on their age. Let’s those game be short n entertaining like 1 min games.
  • Plan the Food based on the age group of kids. Like younger kids like finger foods, elder ones Pizza etc. Make sure you check from the parents if kids are allergic to any specific food item.
  • Kids love Return gifts, so instead of buying one single item and giving it as return gift. Buy two three assorted items n pack them up in goodie bags.

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