Father’s Day Craft

I wanted to give my hubby a surprise for this Father’s Day , that too with my daughter involvement . So we both tried our best to make this one for him which he liked it very much.

Supplies needed

  • Cardboard – I already had readymade cardboard in shape of circle n one with spikes which I got from a cookware set.
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Crayons
  • Pen
  • Water color pens
  • Construction paper.



  • I cut the blue construction paper in a rough manner  which was glued to the circle cardboard.
  • Later drew few fishes on it & asked my daughter to color them as she like with crayons .


  • But as the crayons were not visible on it , we tried another method, I cut few pieces of color paper in random shapes, put glue to the fishes and asked her to stick the papers . It was her first experience playing with glue n she was super excited as well as enjoyed sticking the pieces of paper while sitting on me.


  •  Once she finished her glue game I cut few green thin strips for water plants.     
  • I had lot of difficulty capturing these moments as she was sitting on my lap busy doing her craft.
  • I held  her hand n drew the star fish and so called tortoise .
  • I alone drew the girl fishing with a pen and my daughter accompanied me in coloring using water colors.
  • I held her hand while writing ” fishing you happy Father’s Day” .
  • We glued this circle to the spikes cardboard and both enjoyed coloring the spikes .


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