GUEST POST:  My Baby Testimony..

Sometimes people say ” leave it to God he will take care of you” , and then we just leave it to him hoping some positive change may happen  in our life. This is the story of my childhood friend VIJAY  who saw this little miracle in his life. Hope this life story inspires others in their life.Thanks a lot Vijay for taking time for us and  sharing your beautiful story with our readers.

Over To Vijay..

Title : My baby testimony  …

After rejecting Athiesm, I started following Christ and started knowing God in person. 

I got married on 16th August 2013 … just after celebrating the last Independence day 

We planned to have a child and though my wife had health issues (PCOS), God blessed us and my wife is pregnant. So thrilled to wait and see the two lines confirming the pregnancy as positive on the pregnancy kit (Sep 2013). 

Later when we ran blood tests causally, we were told that my wife had one more health issue of thyroid … by which doctors said conception would not have been possible. 

Every conception is a miracle…

Our happiness didn’t last long as my wife suddenly started experiencing severe pains and we had to go for our first scan visit to check if “all is well”. The scan was in 7th week, and as you might know, by this time one should be able to see a fetal node with heartbeat.

But something was wrong as the doctors took lot more time than needed. My sister who is also a doctor was there during the scan and she told me that the pregnancy is a failure as they could see nothing except an empty pregnancy sac and concluded that there might be a probably miscarriage of foetalnode (that might have happened without our knowledge). Hence no fetal node and of course no heart beat .

My sister being a doctor had requested to redo the scan again and again cross-checking if it is a mistake in scanning it as negative pregnancy but they could not find any signs of life except the empty pregnancy sac. Our hearts broken and our joy disappeared. 

Though it’s an abortion case … the doctors suggested us to wait for 2 weeks to allow nature to reject such cases through miscarriage and if it does not happen naturally then told us to get ready for abortion as it might end up turning into a tumor. 

We would not have believed the report of doctors but as my own sister confirmed us that it’s a negative case along with the other doctors, we became hopeless and broken. 

We did consult a different doctor from Apollo to have a second opinion but it was of no use. She told it’s common and one in thousand pregnancies are of such cases. She further counseled us to be mentally prepared for miscarriage and told that my wife would further undergo lot of pains of higher intensity finally leading to miscarriage.

As doctor said … my wife started experiencing “severe” miscarriage pains, day and night almost for a week of increasing intensity day by day. 

Although we never seen a miracle happened in our life or family circle but we started praying to God to help us believing all the miracles of Jesus that bible recorded 2000yrs ago.

But the pains did not stop … and every day we lived with a fear of miscarriage as pain comes. After six days of suffering of increasing intensity of pain, on the 7th day, my wife suffered severe unbearable pains of a probable miscarriage but by grace of God nothing happened. 

Looking at this kind of torture every day, we decided not to wait for another week and went for second scan earnestly praying to God to do a miracle in the name of JESUS . I still had a small lair of hope in a corner of my heart.

Finally in that second scan … GOD DID A MIRACLE … YES … our awesome God did do a MIRACLE… 💥💥💥 and we could see the baby in the scan … Jesus is a living God … Praise God !!! 

And yes Jesus did all miracles that were recorded in history and it’s not a fairy story. 

Jesus did a miracle in our life and that’s our story confirming the history and bible. 

Doctors are clueless.
Even my sister …She is the one who carefully examined it again and again requesting them to check carefully before sharing bad news to me.

How wonderful and personal Jesus is … the True God … that is why I believe in this “miracle making God” which even the doctors who scanned can’t refute and accepted that it’s a miracle. We do have the reports and anyone who sees the reports can’t deny. 

Well it is a miracle and we are so happy to share it and Glorify God and Jesus saves and every thing in bible is true. 

Urge you to read NEW TESTAMENT to know Jesus, no harm in reading a book and pray to Jesus to know if he is a true God. 

Though medical science fails and gives up … you don’t need to give up if you know Jesus … Jesus still does miracles. 

This is our testimony!

Ps: I always wanted to have twins and on the day of second scan when we saw the baby … I even asked the doctor… if that is a twin … the doctor looked at me top to bottom and just said
“Stop being greedy now”

About me:

I am Vijay born and brought up in Hyderabad. Since my childhood, I remember my dad(a Christian convert) forcing me to religiously attend church and as I grew up and excelled in life, I reasoned and turned to atheism by 2006. But due to witnessing some supernatural experiences I once again started to know about Jesus afresh and by 2010 I had finally accepted Jesus.

God started making me new changing me into a better person everyday. Had been knowing God personally and with the recent miracle of my baby … my faith increased further.

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