Celebrating every moment in life 😊

I am so happy to write this post  in association with blogadda weekend initiative  #CelebrateLifeAtIvy. This is coinciding with my blog name and its motto ‘Live a happy life’. Life is an amazing gift given to us by God and I believe one should live there life to the fullest. If one has ego, jelousy etc in his mind then how much ever they try to find happiness in life , they can’t as they tend to find faults in everything making life more complex and complicated. I am a bindas kind of girl who finds happiness in small things which occur in day to day life. 

Spending ‘quality’ time :

I love spending quality time with my family as it is very important to have good communication among the members of the family. No matter how busy  one is ,I make sure at least we talk for some time in a day.  These little talks  during evening family walk ,during dinner where we three sit together and share thoughts gives me such a nice feeling of togetherness.

My daughter’s Nautanki :

She is my little princess and seeing her grow gives me immense happiness . I still remember her first days when she was like a cute baby in my arms. Now she has become a drama queen of the house. I love to see all her naughty activities and make sure to capture them on my phone. Her cute little actings,her newly learned broken English, her innocent questions, her troublesome tantrums makes us so happy. She is simply my  little cute chatterbox  .

Far away from home :

Staying far away from home is so much pain. Leaving my loved ones ,not able to meet them makes it more depressing. But thanks to our technology, I have so many ways in which I can be in touch with them. Thanks to skype , I can see them everyday , it’s soo nice to see our loved ones virtually as if they are with me at my place. My daughter loves the vedio conversations and starts jumping with joy whenever she see her grandparents on skype. Thanks to whatsapp,Facebook, Vonage etc for connecting me with my world of happiness .

Pursuing my interest :

I feel so relaxed and refreshing when I do something Which interests me, it can be anything doing some cute crafts , helping others, shopping,  preparing food  , taking photographs etc.  Hobbies are a great way to keep ourselves busy n focused and seeing its output gives me those little happiness in life.


Last but not the least my blog Live😊Life, it’s like my second baby 😜, learned so many things from this blogging world,made amazing friends out here. Writing posts for it is so much fun, it has opened a new dimension in my life, more of a creative side of mine. My happiness doubles when my work is getting appreciated and encouraged. Thank you all for the support.

Hmm..these seem to be little things but they bring smiles on my face  and brighten up my  day.  

 Enjoy every moment of your life , as life is simple and short unless you make it complicated.



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