Tips on Handling kids during flight…

Kids are unpredictable , they are moody,frustrated excited etc.  To make there journey more comfortable n pleasant we need to make plans before hand.During my time, I was too scared to travel, first of all it was my first international flight , on top of that travelling alone with a naughty girl.  I had sleepless nights thinking about my travel.. How would I manage such a long journey of 21 hours .. Luckily flight journey with my kid was much better than I thought. I did lot of research   before my travel n followed the tips given by my friends n by gods grace I had a happy flight. Here I write few tips based on my experience which would be helpful to other mommies.

  • Kids have to be prepared many days before the actual date, they need to be informed about the travel plans, the flight schedule  so that they get an idea of what is there in store for them in coming days.
  • If you are travelling alone with a kid/ baby I would suggest to find a travel companion along with you, believe me in my case this was very helpful . One can find travel companions from websites like etc or local websites of the cities. Just login your travel date flight details I m sure you’ll find suitable companion, this has to be done at least 10 days before your travel to ensure you get a partner for travel. I luckily found one n was blessed .
  • If you have a baby along then book a  bassinet , if kid is accompanying order  kids meal during flight booking.
  • Invest in a good  umbrella stroller for babies n toddlers. This would be helpful at the airport.
  • Diaper bag : items must be included are as follows  min 4 pair of clothes,diapers, wet wipes,changing mate,bibs,kerchiefs,water bottle,sippycups, food,snaks,hand sanitizer,plastic covers,towel,toys,books, etc
  • Dressing :  what ever attire you n your baby is going to wear make sure it’s comfortable n not tight. Kids get easily irritated with uncomfortable clothing
  • On the day you are travelling make sure your kid is completely exhausted before the actual boarding in this way he will be tired n fall asleep soon
  • Leave early to airport as you will have ample time to complete the checkin process. This way it will be more organized n planned.

  • Better feed your baby at the airport after checkin if you have time .
  •  Many airports have kids play area at the waiting areas ,let them play so that  they get exhausted n tired.
  • Gate check your strollers before boarding.
  • Boarding the flight either first or last .
  •  Giving a teether or pacifier to your baby during takeoff landing  would help them reduce the ear pain. Older kids can have lollipop.
  • Once in a while walk with your baby . This will relax there body muscles.
  • Keep some SECRET TOYS    In diaper bag n give them when they become cranky.
  • Carry small board books n engage them in reading.
  • Keep them hydrated n feed them in regular intervals.
  • Carry colouring books , kids enjoy coloring activity.
  • Carry along stickers or set of bindis with you enjoy removing them n sticking them. My daughter loved this game a lot.
  • Download favorite rhymes n cartoons for entertainment.
  • Buy some cheap toys n gift wrap them n give them, unwrapping is a fun activity to of my co passenger did the same to her kid.
  • Carry finger foods, gerber food, etc n ask for baby food in flight  they have gerber products . This was very useful to me.
  • Travel companions with kids is an added advantage as kids enjoy playing with each other.
  • Engage them in in  tv programs.
  • Make them feel at home by making baby sleep in bassinet. 
  • As your destination is about to reach make sure you change baby clothes n everything Is packed. Use the plastic cover for soiled clothes.
  • Avail wheelchair facility at airport while connecting flights n changing terminals.. I was lucky enough to avail it as my kid was sleeping during flight change n handling her n baggage was difficult
  • Make sure you carry some money especially coins with you this will be helpful to u during your connecting flights n need to pass on information urgently .
  • As soon as you reach your destination, make sure you are among the first persons to get down from flight as immigration queue would be long n kids become cranky.
  •  Make sure you  book a car seat once you reach your destination for travel.

Hope all mommies got an idea about travel plan with kids..

                        Have a safe flight ..!!😊< /span> <<

20 thoughts on “Tips on Handling kids during flight…

  1. Wonderful and helpful tips – great write-up! Luckily I’ve only had to travel three times with my kids when they were small, and only one of those times was tough because he already had an ear infection.

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  2. Can I suggest something? Use the ‘more tag’ option available in the writing screen to enter break in to your blog post. This way only the starting lines would appear on the WordPress reader with a link ‘read full post’ at the end. This will help readers to reach directly to your blog by clicking on ‘read full post’ link. And this will also help you to know the exact number of visitors to your individual posts. Happy blogging!

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  3. This reminded of my travel with my then less than 2 years old son 2 years back. He had just become confident in walking and it was tough to keep him static. I did worry how would i handle him alone on the international flight. However UK is much nearer than US and a break at Dubai was a great respite. He made it easy for me that he slept for most part of the journey only waking up at take offs and landings. 😁

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