Seasons Captured!!

Nature best seasons captured in my eyes.. 

Summer photo was one of the first pic taken by me  in July 2014 when i came to US. This is the view from my house,  facing the play area . During summer time it was so bright.. Full sunny , full life, lots of activity here n there.  Temperatures were very high, no sunset scene until 8 o clock in the night.  

Fall photo was taken during November 2014 , this was my first experience of fall.. I could see the temperatures dipping , foggy days, leaves changing colors, People wearing jackets, lazy mornings , early nights.

Winter photo was during January 2015, snow snow every where .. It’s just covered with white blanket.  Freezing winter , house arrest, no one outside to see , shivering cold, no outing, just at home n view  the world from my patio.

Spring arival – took this picture few days back, life is coming back to normal, temperatures are raising , people are coming out after 4 months, smile on every one faces, vanishing snow, active life.

My view of the outside world.. Nature’s gift worth captured.!!

         Our life is similar to nature, it has its own seasons ,  there will be days when we are happy , ,  days are ok,   Some days we are low depressed , over a period of time we find reason to live, hoping for better life

9 thoughts on “Seasons Captured!!

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  3. Life always feel good after a day or two of sulking. One day you may be feeling low and the next day you will feel high on energy. Snow photographs look great but to see the white all around for days gets depressing. I m happy to see spring blooming again

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