These Questions must be answered..

I  guess all of you  must have gone through this time when your naughty kids  who is in their troublesome two  n is super actively asking blah blah questions you..

These questions seem sooo silly for us but they are important for them as they have  a very small world around them ..n out of curiousity keep asking us..

Questions  vary from

What is this mommy..

What are you doing mummy..

Why is it not coming..

Why is this like that..? 

Blah blah the questions go on n on…  There would be around 20 + questions a day sometimes.. But remember these question must be answered no matter how busy we are as they are very important to them n this is a strong communication tool between parents n child . Communication is very important in any relationship and this applies to this delicate relationship as well.. To keep their curiosity alive keep answering..

6 thoughts on “ These Questions must be answered..

  1. My son started asking questions right from the age when he started talking and still it continues … The big difference is that when he was a kid, he accepted every answers of mine …. But as a pre-teen, he now says that ” Amma dont give some silly BLAH-BLAH answers. Tell me if you are not knowing, let us both try to find one… :P”. This make me so happy as a mom …. 🙂

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  2. My 4 year old is very inquisitive. He asks me the most random, strange questions… and if I really don’t know the answer (For example, today it was “Mommy, why is Neptune blue?”) we google it together and learn something. (it’s because neptune’s atmosphere is made up of helium, hydrogen and methane. The methane absorbs the red light from the sun and reflects the blue light… making it appear blue.) He’s very talkative and sometimes I forget that he’s learning and absorbing everything and that I can’t just ignore the questions.

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