# Life # relationships # simplified..

Here I listed few of the things which are to be done now n then in any relationship.. Either friendship, marriage, etc which has a great impact on the relationship ..

– Appreciate : when ever possible keep appreciating others it motivates them to do much better.
– Talk : open up as much as u can , especially to your family ,your spouse, communication is a powerful tool n builds strong relationships.
– Quality time : Spend quality time with your near n dear ones..especially children , they love all the attention.
– Thank you – keep thanking people who help you .
– Respect : respect other people words. Don’t take any one for granted. Give respect take respect.
– Ego: leave your ego aside.. It doesn’t do good to you..it harms you n your relationship.
– Forgive n forget :forgive others n forget about it.. Keeping it in minds grudging will only worsen your relationship

Life is short n simple unless you make it complicated…!!


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