Diy tissue holder from carton box

Why to throw away these empty cartons when we can make amazing stuff with them.?
Here I present you the procedure on how to make tissue holder from empty carton box
Supplies needed

Empty cardboard box
White paper
White tissue roll


1.Take a carton box which is not very thick nor very thin , I took nature valley granular bar carton box for this project.
2. Draw the desired shape ( mine was swan) on two opposite sides of the box facing in opposite direction n cut it carefully. Make sure u don’t cut the middle part joining the two swans as this becomes the base for our holder. Use cello tape for fixing the swans to the base.
3. Paint / stick white paper on both sides of the swan inside as well as outside.
4. Make small leaf shape cuttings on white tissue paper n stick them to the swan using glue..this gives a feather effect.


5 . Do the detailing with sketches..n place the tissue papers in the middle .


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