Snow man & it’s making!!

It finally arrived… Yes the snow fall n that too on a weekend.. We were already prepared to face this snow fall warning that week as it would b snowing about 6 inches. I was much excited to welcome it back keeping snow man in my was Saturday night n was full of flurries.. Late night looking outside from my window the ground was shining due to light reflection on snow.
As usual slept nicely n got up late the Sunday was sunny outside n I went to see the weather condition out from my window… It’s fully covered with snow ..almost like 3 inches..
It was beautiful.. The pathways were covered,vehicles covered full white outside..n it was snowing too. As time passed around 12 0 clock I could see few children playing outside in the play area playing with snow.. They were all making snow man..I wished I was one of them playing there..

I asked my hubby – can we also make a snow man in our patio ..?
He replied – no , we can’t it’s snowing out n we don’t have proper clothing..
( we dint have the leather gloves had the cloth ones).

I was sad ,soon the kids number increased ,there family members too joined, I was feeling jealous about them n decided not to stare at them n feel bad.. As usual I had my Sunday chores to do so was doing them.
Suddenly phone rang…my friend called,she asked me -whether I was interested in making snowman as they were planning to make one now..I said yes yes interested..she said the temperature is good outside (31f) let’s make it now. I asked my hubby n he gave me permission to go..I was super duper excited.. It was like God sent call … Finally was making it..THE SNOW MAN.

Me n my daughter were ready with our snow boots jackets gloves n went out to there place.. It was 2 min walk from my home to theirs but that journey was daughters expressions were priceless..she enjoyed playing in the snow making balls.. Me my friend n her husband made the 3 tier snow .


It almost took us 2 hours to complete it with all the detailing , used our creativity to make it look attractive n handsome. Kids had fun playing.. Hubby joined us later.. Took many pics, had some good snow time outside n came back after a good day outside in snow..
Wanted to make one small one in my patio so that my daughter can enjoy looking at it, but couldn’t because of sudden drop in temperature n strong winds.. This weekend too we are expecting snow , let me see if at least this time I can make one at my place.

It was one of my happy days in my life,…made snowman personally… Mission accomplished.. Had a peaceful sleep that night.😊

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