diy chalk board frame

I never thought I would be making my daughter write on the traditional slate as we do in India..thank you so much for fulfilling my dream to follow the traditions still… The priest was quite impressed when he saw this customized slate..he expected us to bring the board pen/ iPAD to make my daughter write..The Aksharabyasam was done perfectly in the same way as we do it in our home town… I m glad the tradition dint break..

This just shows if you have determination to do something .. You can do it no matter where you are..n how difficult the situation is..

I’ll preserve this slate for lifetime supriya..




Aksharabhyasam is the ritual which is an induction to formal studies. We invoke the Gods to bless the kid in his endeavour. Instruments required for studying (something to write on, to write with, books) are presented along with a set of new clothes. Rice is spread on a plate and child is placed on one’s lap; holding his hand, “Hari Om” is written on the rice using a gold ring followed by the child’s name.

The child is made to sit on his father’s lap. Guiding the child’s forefinger, letters are written in the paddy grains(Raw rice) spread on the plate.


This one did for my friend’s( shilpa) daughter ( shresta) akshrabhasyam.
Aksharabhyasam is a hindu tradition. kids start their first letters write in front of goddess saraswathi in temple where they will do pooja.
Supplies you need
double tape
Design tape( optional)
Unused box
Chalkboard paint( i used black)
Wrap paper( optional)
Scrapbook paper
Paper flowers
1.First you need to cut the box .Take same size of sides and attach them with tape.
2.Next take little amount of color in a bowl.Paint the frame with brush
3.Allow to dry at least 2 hours
Then you can decorate in your own way
4.I cutted scrapbook paper 1 inch slices for 4 sides ,attached them with double tape
5.I have flowers in hand so i sticked them with circle sticky tape
6.Back side i attached wrap paper ( it is optional)
This one not only use for kids…

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