Vanishing Snow!!!

As it was our first winter I was very much excited about the snowfall in winter and stuff…
Being in a Windy City n hearing about last year stories regarding the worst winter scared me a bit.. Heard that last year the winter started much early n it started snowing by November .. Due to this we were all prepared with the winter clothing..
Luckily this year there was no snow during November , n experienced flurries 2 to 3 times in was like dandruff falling from the hair. It was worth watching..the temperatures slowly started dipping..could feel the cold. During Christmas break the weather was good..had fun meeting my cousin.

It finally started snowing in was worth watching the snow touching the ground.. Everything was covered with snow ..full of white color ,only path ways were cleared. Night time was even more amazing with the snow on the ground sparkling due to the reflection of flood lights.One day we planned to go out for a change, went to Meijers, me n my kid were very excited as we were going out after a month that too in the chilly weather.. Went nicely,enjoyed kid was having fun out. After our shopping,v came out of the store n to our surprise could see freezing rain..oh what a nice experience it was drenching in it.. But with lot of difficulty reached home.. As the roads were slippery..that’s it , it was our last outing in snow.


The temperature was almost 0, me n my daughter were completely house where to go…no playing outside,no weekend’s just sitting at home . As days passed by there was a kind of depression in me. Hating this weather , hating the place n what not…our only view to the outside world was our patio .. Would sit or stand there n watch the vehicles going.. People cleaning the cars, clearing snow ,shivering n stuff.

I promised my kid that I’ll make one snow man for her.she was all excited and happy.
I planned to make snow man the other weekend, but couldn’t do due to low temperature, so thought I would do it next 2 days n postponed it. That’s it the next two days the temperatures were in 30’s n sunny sun…it melted all the snow..the snow slowly started vanishing… Could see the green lawns ,kids playing in the play area.. Life again to normal..bright..colorful..energetic..I But what about my snow man…?? I m still waiting for a snow fall fulfill my dream of making it..




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