Those 10 beautiful NEW YEARS..!!

I never thought about organizing events before all these years..though it was not on the professional front but on a personal level. It all started 15 years back… Yes 15 long years when I was just 15,one of my friend Kiran suggested we do something for new year, it was 31st December 5:00 in the we friends around 10 of them contributed around rs 20 of our pocket money each n bought cake a very small sponge cake,cold drinks n chips..surprisingly when our parents got to know about this, they also wanted to join us… Midnight 12:00 cake cutting on our terrace- This is the new beginning for the year… Celebrations by sitting in the shivering cold night.. Took around 5 pics worth memorable.

The next dec 31st v dint actually plan anything we friends met 2 days before 31 , and suddenly this topic came out..let’s celebrate it this yr of our aunt suggested. Why don’t we include dances?

Soon kids started practicing..n what about games for killing the time?
TAMBOLA – family game got introduced..

I had to collect money from people who are interested. So went to each ones house n started explaining the idea… Faced lot of criticism by others. I remember one of my neighbour. SALAAM UNCLE’s comment on this that day ..
It goes ” why I should give money ? can’t your father sponsor it .. ?”
I felt very low that day, people took me for granted..hmmmm.. That’s too much.

On the D day- we had recorded songs on a cassette n played it on the tape recorder… Mind u the tape recorder was 30 years old .. The dances started,played the song.. Poor dancers were not able to hear the sound due to low volume… They were signaling me while dancing that they can’t hear.. It was sooo awkward moment….had fun playing TAMBOLA for the first over as usual with cakes crackers snaks..

Next yrs one was more organized n planned.. We collected around 30 rs each 15 days before itself so that we could include some nice dances games n gifts into it..There were age based games for toddlers,kids,teens,couples.. All of them were 1 minute games. Surprise to every one
Included musical chairs along with TAMBOLA . Our sound system ie the old tape recorder too got changed finally. Program went on well with few glitches here n there but happy at the end.

Next yr included return gifts for each family which was suggested by one of the member, I was strongly opposing this idea as I thought it was wastage of money.later I agreed to it when they explained me its importance..started including banner for the party,had to use cloths from home to decorate it…used our whole creativity in making it..increased our budget too which increased our members indirectly..used to go to AZEEZ PLces were manAZA, a whole sale market to buy gifts under rs 10/-,20/-.. It was fun shopping ,travelling in buses..on those busy roads with all these stuff. Programme was a hit..Many more dances thanks to our sound system head BUBBY , games, fun ,family time .full entertainment from 9 to 1230..

The following years we started planing for the event 45 days ahead of d date. Had dance practice session at SANDHYA HOUSE. It was a fun time enjoying dancing eating , I too had to dance n shake my leg..I enjoyed it.. During one of my dance session which was a group dance included BUBBY..A NON DANCER, it was very difficult to tune him to the steps..had a lot of fun in that session.. I love travelling n my college excursion was sometime around 27th to 5 jan. I had to choose one thing out of CELEBRATIONS n EXCURSION,it was a tough time n after a lot of thinking choose my event as my priority. Celebrations were awesome , started including dinner to our party, more photos,vedios, Welcome speech,suggestion box, etcetera ..

SALAAM UNCLE Who was first against this celebration was sooo impressed by our event the following years that he personally appreciated all of us for our Hardwork n dedication. Sadly we lost him the following year ..MISS U UNCLE.

Decorating the venue was fun , all kids gathered to help in blowing balloons,arranging chairs etc..every year there were glitches in our event…something or d became part of our life..the after effect or the talks were even more interesting..talking about the flops,jokes, playing the vedios….etc. soon I got married, and from then there was no celebrations ..I was the one who made sure not to break the joy of celebrating.

these 10 New Years were one of my best new yrs of my life, it taught me soo much in life.. I know this is not some professional event but yes a personal one which entertained people crazily every yr.Miss all the-
SANDHYA -budget issues.
TILAK- catering issues.
KIRAN- anchoring tactics.
ARUN- comedies.
SWEETY SAI-dances.
SUNITHA UMA- organizing tips..
A big thank you to -Kiran,Sandhya,Uma,sunitha,mom dad,Tilak,Shravan,Sai,pinky,arun sweety Akshay for all support n love..miss u


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