I read an article few years back in India regarding a group of students helping the poor in a different way. It says..they formed a group which consists of people who are interested in serving the orphans in there city.. This group used to collect ONE RUPEE ( Indian currency) each from every group member daily for every month compulsory and at the end of the month they would buy some books, clothes, food ,stationary etc one at a time each month depending on the budget for the poor in there society..and would go personally to distribute it.. Read that they even maintained a separate bank account for this n used the funds effectively for the needy..

When I was doing my masters I wanted to implement it with my fellow mates n do something special for the poor people..though but it couldn’t get succeeded due to other priorities n stuff.. N my wish to help the needy was just a dream..

So I appeal to everyone who is reading this post to try this method of fund raising in your team/office/class/institute etc.. And help the people in need… We waste so much of money in buying so many unnecessary things in life… Spending 1 rupee a day is nothing in front of it… Think about this..

Example of the group to get more clarity..

If there are 50 members in a group and they contribute 1 rupee a day then calculation goes as follows..u

1 rupee /day x 50 members= 50 rupee/ day
50 rupee/day x 30 days/month=1500 rupees/ month

Imagine with this 1500 rupees which u collected,we can buy lots of things for poor, suppose u want to help orphanage then u can buy many things or food or clothes etc for them and dedicate one day in a month to spend time with them n give them what u bought with the money…. Think about it guys..make this possible..and leave a reply to me I’ll feel happy that somewhere someone is full filling my dream..thank you

This can be done in any country with there own currency..


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