Sparrows part of my daily lifee

hello ieveryone.. i m proud to say that sparrows are a part of my daily life since sept 2007 , before 2007 i hardly use to find any spaarows in my locality.. one day i saw an article in newspaper how to make a bird house and attract birds to your backyard.. taking that as inspiration i started keeping food for d birds to come and eat.. for the first few days no bird came to they were afraid … but soon they gained confidence on us and now various birds like sparrows, pigeons , crows etc come to have their breakfast lunch here.. i kept a bowl of water too so that they can come and drink when ever they are thirsty, now it became a routine in our family who ever wakes up in the morning the first thing they do is to put the left over food to the birds and pour water,for the last one year even my tenant also started feeding these sparrows , my tenant specially buys grains n seeds for birds from the market(so nice of them ! ),here i attach few pictures of the birds which visit us daily and i also attach one video of the mother sparrow feeding her baby sparrow taken by my tenant. we are proud to say that sparrows still exists in our area,,, love them

click o the above link to see how mother sparrow is feeding its baby in our balcany..its amazing site to watch..





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